Content Ideas for Hairstylists – that aren’t photos of hair

Content Ideas for Hairstylists – that aren’t photos of hair

Stuck in a social media rut and looking for content ideas as a hairstylist? We’ve all been there.

Looking at hair all day then only posting photos of hair can get boring! Clients feel that way too! They want to see alot more from their stylists on their social media platforms now. Here are 50 fun and unique ideas to post on your Instagram or Facebook as a hairstylist!

1.”Get to Know Me” post: Share a fun fact or personal story about yourself.

2. Inspirational quotes about beauty and self-confidence.

3.”Hair Fact Friday”: Share interesting trivia or facts about hair.

4.Behind-the-scenes glimpse: Show a photo or video of your workspace or salon.

5.Tips for maintaining healthy hair. Hair care product recommendations and reviews.

6.Client testimonials or before-and-after stories.

7.”Ask Me Anything” session: Encourage your followers to ask questions about hair care.

8.Collaboration post: Partner with a local makeup artist or stylist for a joint promotion. “

9.Throwback Thursday”: Share a memorable moment from your hairdressing journey.

10.Share your favourite hair-related pages, podcasts or blogs.

11.Share a tutorial for a quick and easy hairstyle.

12. Haircare myth-busting: Debunk common misconceptions about hair.

13.Promote a local charity or community event you’re involved in.

14. Highlight a fellow hairdresser or stylist you admire.

15.Share your favourite hairstyling tools and accessories.

16.Offer a discount or special offer exclusively for your social media followers.

17.Create a poll or survey related to hair trends or preferences.

18.Share a before-and-after transformation from a recent client visit.

19.”Caption this” contest: Post a funny or unique hairstyle picture and invite followers to come up with creative captions.

20.Hairspiration: Share photos or videos of celebrity hairstyles you love.

21. Share a personal story of overcoming a hair-related challenge.

22.Give a shoutout to a local business you enjoy visiting.

23.Ask your followers to share their favourite hair care tips.

24.DIY hair mask recipe: Share a simple recipe for a homemade hair treatment.

25.Post a video tutorial for a trendy hairstyle.

26.Share your favourite hair-related YouTube channels or podcasts.

27.Client spotlight: Highlight a loyal client and share their hair journey.

28.Share a picture of your favourite hairstyle from a different era.

29.Seasonal haircare tips: Offer advice on how to care for hair in different weather conditions.

30.Share a funny or relatable meme about hair struggles.

31.”Caption the Hair”: Post a picture of a unique hairstyle and ask followers to come up with captions.

32.Show appreciation for your followers by hosting a giveaway or contest.

33.Share a story about a memorable interaction you had with a client.

34.Showcase a creative and unique hair color or style.

35.Post a tutorial for a stylish updo.

36.Haircare tips for specific hair types (curly, straight, thick, etc.).

37.Share a sneak peek of a new hair product or service you’ll be offering.

38.Post a photo of your favourite haircare products and explain why you love them.

39.Ask your followers to share their worst hair disaster stories.

40.Create a collage of different hairstyles and ask followers to vote for their favorite.

41.Share a client’s review of your services.

42.Post a fun “This or That” poll comparing different hairstyles or hair colors.

43.Feature a hairstyle trend that you find interesting or unique.

44.Share a photo or video of a hairdressing technique you’re learning or practicing.

45.Host a live Q&A session to answer hair-related questions in real-time.

46. Post a fun and engaging “Guess the Celebrity Hairstyle” game.

47.Share sleep care for your hair best practices.

49. “Spotlight on a Stylist”: Feature one of your team members and their expertise

50. Backroom humour, share a funny video, what your having for lunch, your color bar or do a little laundry and dance!

We hope this helped spark some creativity and gave your some inspiration. If you use any of these ideas, be sure to tag us at @ditebeauty. We love to see what you create.

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