How to Get Hired –  Ways to Rock Your Interview

How to Get Hired –  Ways to Rock Your Interview

10 Tips for a Great Interview in the Beauty Biz

1) Dress the Part

You wouldn’t believe how many business owners noted how poorly dressed and groomed people came to their job interviews. This is the Beauty Industry after all! “Dress for the job you want” we have all heard the saying before, but why are we forgetting to practice this? There is so much to be said about a first impression – it makes a lasting one.

2) Do Your Research

Knowing as much as you can about the company and job position you applied for is advantageous in securing the roll. Research the company culture and services from their social media sites. Go on their website to learn the mission statement and values. Being able to touch base on a company’s structure and foundation at various points in the interview will create an incredible impression.

3) Know your Skill Set

Confidence is key, however is the acquired skills for the job. In the Beauty Industry, with services, there’s not faking it till you make it. Not knowing how to tone hair properly or do a fade is a lot different than quickly learning how to use Microsoft Excel.

Applying for a job at your CURRENT skill level is always recommended. As you grow and advance, you will succeed in your workplace, but over-promising and under-achieving is not what any employer wants.

If you feel like you are under qualified,or aren’t technically trained enough for the position, explain in detail how you are working to improve your skill set. Acknowledge your spots of weakness, everyone has them.

4) Know the Lingo

Beyond understanding the companies and services it provides, know the relevant industry lingo is also so important. Take the time to join relevant industry groups on Facebook, head to local suppliers, and continue to be educated. This can also link back to Researching the company. Not knowing common terms used in the business can have you confused and lead to a poor impression. Terminology is different at each business,


  • Toner VS Gloss
  • Extension Install VS Extension Integration
  • Root Color VS Regrowth
  • Bleach VS Lightner
  • Hair Mask VS Conditioning Treatment

5) Take a Breath – Slow Down

Take a deep breath, ground yourself. Its okay to pause and collect your thoughts before you answer a question. Repeating the question before you answer helps slow down your response and allows for you to calmly and confidently reply. Speak loudly and slowly. Practice good body language, sit up straight and remain with strong eye contact.

6) Social Media

Having a professional social media platform is now an industry standard. Even if you are just finishing school or switching careers in the industry, coming to your interview with a branded and well thought out page is expected. This is your portfolio, have links and pages ready to show. It also is a good idea to add handles on your resume.

This is also a great time to clean up your post on your personal pages, or better yet make them private. Everyone “creeps” so make the assumption your potential employer will, and not just on your professional pages. Keep in mind, clients will follow suit.

7) Zip your Lips

The Beauty Industry may seem large, however, everyone knows each other within reason. Within each sub category, salons, spas, barber shops etc, keep in mind many owners/professionals have relationships with other businesses. You would be surprised how many times owners have said interviewers come in slandering other businesses… owned by their friends. Whether that be the case or not, keep the small talk about other experiences and businesses to yourself. Always keep it professional.

8) Ask Questions

Being prepared with targeted questions shows your professionalism and will make you stand out during interviews. Having these ahead of time will show that you have done your research, and your level of professionalism.

  • “Is there a dress code?
  • “What does a typical day entail as a Spa Manager?”
  • “What is the company culture like at Mr Mike Barber Shop”
  • “Does Exhale Salon provide ongoing Education”
  • “Is the commission structure sliding, is there a cap on earning retail commission?”

9) Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing answering questions you may be asked,

  • “Tell us about yourself?”
  • “How would you handle an unhappy client?”
  • “What makes you a good fit for Adara Spa?”
  • “What services are not your strong suit”
  • “Are you comfortable with performing all services we provide at our Studio?

10)The Send Off

Be sure to thoroughly thank the interviewer for their time and express your excitement for the potential employment. Send a thank you card, or email the interviewer for their time.You can follow up  any time between 7-14 days after your interview or as otherwise noted during the interview. If you don’t not get the position, still keep an open door. Never unfollow the business on socials, don’t burn any bridges. There is always another opportunity – keep the connection open.


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