I just graduated Cosmetology School – NOW WHAT?

I just graduated Cosmetology School – NOW WHAT?

First of all, Congratulations! You just officially entered the best industry in the world! The beauty industry is a fun, fast paced, relationship filled – and financially abundant place to be. You are fresh in this industry and this is just the beginning. Here are some things to help you find the perfect start to your apprenticeship and career.

1) Build your social media

Start ASAP! Here’s hoping you already have, in todays word, EVERY business is on social media and you should be to! Creating a Facebook Business Page, an Instagram and TikTok channel should be on your top priority. Documenting all you have learned, your work and your personality and brand. Create your profile to get discovered and network on Dítē here https://dite.ca/select-your-membership/

2) Research Business in your area

A quick google search “Salons near me” or browse your desired area on Dítē’s Business Page https://dite.ca/workplaces-businesses/. Understanding Businesses in your market will provide you with ample opportunities best suited for you. Each company with a different mission, culture, services and practices.

3) Begin Networking & Marketing Yourself

Go get out there! Whether it’s an event, hair school, a class or distributor showroom. Join community groups and networking chapters. Mingle and mix with others in your profession. Connect with school Alumni or professionals on social platforms. It’s all about who you know and who knows you!

4) Figure Out Your Focus

Gone are the days of having to “do it all”- just because you learned it in school doesn’t mean you have to offer them. Find your niche, do what you love. Focus on strengthening your education on that specialty or group of services. Create a strong foundation and grow from there.

5) Shadow Days

Reaching out to some of your new network, ask to have a shadow day and experience a day in the life! This is an amazing way to understand different practices and business standards. Shadowing a business before you apply is even a great idea to see if they are a fit for YOU! Another way of doing this would be booking a service as a business before you apply. You can experience the culture and workplace dynamic through a client’s eye. There social media presence may not reflect in real life.

6) Continue Your Education

Continue education- but you just graduated!? Yes, that is right! School is just the basic fundamentalism and there is so much to learn, improve on and discover. Continuing education right out of school and making this a habit will help carve out a lifelong career and full earning potential with your desired lifestyle. Take a webinar, hand on class, weekend course – truly whatever you can get your hands on!

7) Create a List

Write down what is important to you. Important to you as an employee and a professional. This is your standard and level of quality. This list can help as a guideline when you are browsing or applying for opportunities. Also, creating a list of GOALS will help keep you focused. When something is written down on paper, you are three times more likely to achieve it!

8) Do Services and Charge for Them

Practice does make perfect, but it doesn’t mean it has to be given away for free. Don’t start your career off this way either. Try to avoid the “kitchen cuts” or “bathroom makeovers” Your friends and family will get used to not paying and its extremely hard to transition them into paying clients. When always running cheap promotions and discounts, clients will generally only go to those offering a deal or wait till your next one. Charge your worth. Always know your worth. Raise your prices as you grow and become educated.

9) Be Confident, Stay Positive

 Your first salon or spa might not be the right fit. The second one might not be either. We all make mistakes. We are all human. We all had to start somewhere. Be humble, be kind to yourself. A master does not become a master overnight – it takes time. Find ways to practice gratitude in your learning. Self Confidence is your superpower, and if you don’t have it, fake it till you make it!

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