Salon Industry Jobs Beyond Working Behind the Chair

Salon Industry Jobs Beyond Working Behind the Chair

10 Exciting Career Paths with a Hairdressing License Beyond the Chair

You love the professional beauty and salon industry, but maybe working behind the chair isn’t for you? You’ve honed your hairstyling skills and obtained your hairdressing license, but you want to remain employed within the industry but aren’t sure if there are other job options. Luckily your journey doesn’t have to end in the salon chair! In fact, this license is your ticket to a world of diverse and exciting career opportunities. From Brand Management to Education to Salon Sales Reps here are 10 paths you can explore!

1. Brand Manager

  • Job Explanation: As a brand manager for a haircare or beauty brand, your role is to develop and maintain the brand’s image, strategy, and identity. Working along side a distributor, sales reps, salon owners, stores or independent stylists. Growth of sales, brand awareness, education and overall community awareness is your main objective.
  • Daily Job Tasks: You’ll work on marketing campaigns, analyze consumer trends, collaborate with the creative team, and ensure brand consistency. Book education, product knowledge classes, shows/events and work along side salon owners and staff. Travel is not necessarily needed.

2. Business Development Manager

  • Job Explanation: Your mission is to identify new business opportunities, partnerships, and strategies to expand the salon’s reach and profitability. You oversee sales reps, brand managers, educations and work along side distributors and salons. This traditionally is more of a corporate role.
  • Daily Job Tasks: Networking, market research, creating growth plans, and negotiating partnerships are key aspects of your role. Distributor meetings, incentives, overseeing sales and losses, overseeing new launches. Travel is needed.

3. Social Media Manager

  • Job Explanation: In the digital age, social media is a powerful tool. As a social media manager, you’ll develop content, engage with the audience, and build an online presence for the salon or salons. You can coach best practices to stylists or salons or personally run salon socials and campaigns.
  • Daily Job Tasks: Content creation, social media scheduling, analyzing data, and responding to comments and messages are part of your routine. Analyzing the algorithm, staying up to dates with trends and graphic design.
  • 5. Salon Coach
  • Job Explanation: As a salon coach, you help stylists and salon owners improve their skills and business practices. From getting new clients, recruiting staff, budget and sales, best practices and more! You can specialize in a certain “pain point” in salons. You can be a coach for salons, salon owners specifically, independent stylists or educators. The opportunities are endless and there will always be a need!
  • Daily Job Tasks: Conducting training sessions, offering personalized coaching, and helping salons achieve their goals. Analyzing profit and loss, overlooking marketing and social media, daily and weekly calls and reports. Travel is not necessarily needed.

  • 6. Educator
  • Job Explanation: Educators are responsible for teaching future hairstylists the latest techniques and industry trends. From extensions, to color, to haircare, to business. This is a massive sector within the professional beauty, with numerous positions, whether in salon, on stage or online.
  • Daily Job Tasks: Developing lesson plans, demonstrating skills, providing feedback, and staying updated on industry developments. Travel is most likely needed.
  • 7. Salon Sales Consultant
  • Job Explanation: You’ll work for either a distributor, manufacturer or product company, advising salons on the best products and helping them make informed purchasing decisions. Depending on your parent company, your role could be more on the sales side, or more on the business development side.
  • Daily Job Tasks: Analyzing customers product needs, conducting product demos, and maintaining client relationships are your core tasks. Building their business through sales, education and promotions. Travel is most likely needed, depending on your territory.
  • 8. Influencer/ Brand Ambassador
  • Job Explanation: Focus solely on techniques and trends, becoming a sought-after expert in creating vibrant and unique looks. Working with brands campaigns, traveling across country to promote, do events, show and stage work, while all maintaining a strong social media presence.
  • Daily Job Tasks: Content creation with time lines and specifics, brand deals and awareness, meetings in person or via zoom, traveling, stage preparation, working along side brands and educators.
  • 9. Editorial Stylist
  • Job Explanation: Work behind the scenes at photoshoots, fashion shows, and media productions, creating stunning looks for models and celebrities.
  • Daily Job Tasks: Collaborating with photographers, makeup artists, and stylists to achieve the desired looks for the project. Working with model and style agencies, often under pressure and time restraints.
  • 10. Product Developer
  • Job Explanation: Get involved in creating and testing new haircare or styling products, contributing to innovations in the industry. Working along side chemists, brand development and stylists.
  • Daily Job Tasks: Researching ingredients, formulation testing, and ensuring product safety and quality.

A distributor store manager, customer service specialist, salon manager, inventory manager… the opportunities are endless to remain in the best industry ever!

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