Salons Hiring Apprentices

Salons Hiring Apprentices

& How to land a job even if they aren’t 

Some say the hardest part of finishing hair/cosmetology school is landing your apprenticeship. In some cases, it’s the truth! We talked to salon owners nationwide, here are some mentionable stand out qualities. Many salon owners mentioned they were not hiring but when the right candidate walks through the door, they will make a position for them.

1. Get Out There!

Far too often fresh graduates waltz into workplaces, with generic resumes or slide into the DM’s asking “are you hiring”?. Stand out from the crowd. Call head, email, mention you will be dropping off a resume or are inquiring about opportunities. Use a cover letter customized to business, connect on our Jobs page. Write a handwritten letter expressing your desire to snatch up the next open chair!

2. Eager to Learn, Ready to Listen

First things first – being able to acknowledge you are a fresh new graduate. You don’t know it all, and they don’t expect you to! Being able to be humble and aware of your skill set is just as important as your current skill set. Going into a roll not being able to perform proper services will likely land you in the hot seat or give you the boot. Be able to handle criticism, it’s most always constructive. Be ready and COMMIT to a long learning journey ahead.

3. Tough Skin

Having tough skin is MUST have in the Beauty Industry. Understanding you are providing a service and a client is allowed to be unhappy is so important. You can do exactly what they want, and perfectly, and they still might not like it. You coworker may not like the way you fold towels. The receptionist might not like the way you answer the phone. Being adaptable, not taking things personally and not holding a grudge are all qualities business owners are looking for.

4. Strong Social Profile

This was one of the most common mentions by all business owners. The importance of having a strong social media feed and presence. This helps candidates stand out from each other, as it acts as a digital profile. A person’s personality shines through their page and can really help business owners know if you are a fit for their culture or not. Just finished school and have no client work to post? Better call some friends, work some magic and post away!

5. Dress to Impress

The Beauty Industry is so much more than the way you look, however- that is the foundation. No one wants their makeup done with someone not wearing any, hair done by someone with greasy hair thrown into a pony. The salon industry has definitely become a lot more casual in their dress codes with modern fashion, with each business having different standards. Take a moment before your interview to pop in and check out the vibe, or better yet book a service and see for yourself!

6. Personal Development

Beyond having your technical skills, professional personal skills are just as important in this industry. Owners are looking for established social media pages and professional referrals. Have your profile on (dite link) ready, practice your interview skills, invest in personal development. Sometimes the more advanced candidate is lacking professionalism – score the job!

7. Ask to Shadow

Before applying, or even if a salon isn’t hiring, asking to come in for the day and shadow opens the door to so many opportunities. Having a foot in the door is a great introduction for both sides. You get to spend a day learning and exposed to a work culture. The salon can see your professionalism and eagerness to learn. Many salon owners noted they hired stylists who had taken the time to reach out for a shadow day, and many mentioned they were not even hiring at the time!

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