About Dítē

Dítē is an exciting new platform that goes beyond simple words and traditional resumes to connect job seekers with businesses in every sector of the beauty industry. Because we view beauty professionals as artists, we understand that words fail to describe your unique work and skillful expertise, so we developed a profile system that allows you to visually display your masterpieces! A picture is worth a thousand words so imagine a visual resume that completely describes who you are with a simple image. This allows us to connect you with your ideal opportunity or job candidate according to your gallery of work. Whether you want to advertise your professional portfolio or need to grow your team, we have created a platform tailored to your needs as artists.

Our inclusive platform simplifies the overwhelming search process, helping you find your perfect fit! Whether you are starting a new business, looking to expand your business, or searching for the perfect rental suite, Dítē is designed to accommodate your specific needs. Currently, Dítē caters to a wide variety of industry professionals including hair stylists and barbers, tattoo artists, aestheticians, makeup artists, and more! Discover the right culture, location, brands, pay structure, and amenities using our job search platform, which is designed by beauty professionals for beauty professionals!