Do you want a raise as a hairstylist, without raising your prices?

Do you want a raise as a hairstylist, without raising your prices?

It can be done.

Cortney Cox, Owner Brillance Advanced Beauty Education

Are you wanting a pay raise as a hairstylist or beauty professional, but you don’t want to raise your prices? With the cost of everything going up, it can be hard not to feel the effect on your wallet. Whether you are an employee, own your own business or guide a team of professionals, these tips can help you along the way.

First things first it can be helpful to look at what you are spending personally and professionally. Is there anything you can eliminate? Are there any new options or solutions for what you pay for? Many times, we continue to pay for something we no longer really use because we forget, or don’t realize or just haven’t eliminated it. This may be the time for that. 

Don’t waste product. Creating a system on how you can measure out properly what you need both in product and disposables can save a lot of money and is also better on our environment. Are there substitutions for supplies or products you could be utilizing both in your personal and professional life that doesn’t sacrifice quality but can save you some money? Spend a little time researching that you likely will be surprised.

Can you move to use fewer disposable items and utilize more reusable items that can be properly cleaned? Not only can this save you money, but this can also be less wasteful and harmful to the environment.

Do you have your personal and professional finances in check? So many people have never been taught about finances. Learning finances is just a skill many have not been educated on just like our own professional crafts. By making daily uneducated choices on your finances this can cost you a lot of money in the long run. However, on the flip side making good financial choices can essentially give you a raise once you have worked to pay off debts and more freedom for opportunities and choices. It can definitely provide a much less stressed lifestyle

When looking for more tips, tricks, and steps to take for making your beauty or
wellness career more eco-friendly and saving money you can check out our
course here.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and lost about how to get started on
finances at B.A.B.E., we have created two courses Making Money for You & Your Career (for employees) and Making Money for You & Your Business (for independent contractors, solo technicians, and owners) that have been created for beauty and wellness professionals to learn about finances from the ground up. We start at the beginning to be sure you aren’t lost. By taking these very in-depth courses, you will feel much more confident about finances and the steps for you to take on your financial journey.

While we feel there is certainly nothing wrong with raising your prices when appropriate. On the other side of that if you don’t use the money wisely it won’t matter what prices you charge. Overall, by taking these steps you will be able to save money and have more money in your wallet both personally and professionally.

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