Struggling to Make Content as a Hairstylist?

Struggling to Make Content as a Hairstylist?

6 Proven Tips to Help Simplify and Streamline Making Content as a Hairstylist

Struggling to keep your social media feed fresh and engaging? You’re not alone. Between foiling, toning, washing and cutting – it seems like there is no time! Many hairstylists face the challenge of consistently producing appealing content. But fear not, we’ve got you covered with these six game-changing tips to elevate your social media presence!

1. Batch Planning: Stay Organized and Inspired

Dedicate specific time slots in your week or month to plan and brainstorm content ideas. This helps you organize your thoughts and ensures a steady stream of content. Doing this during the work day rather then at home or during your personal time can take away the “frustration” or “resentment” to having to post.

Imagine you’re a hairstylist gearing up for the summer season. By dedicating one day a month to brainstorm and plan your content, you can map out a series of posts highlighting trendy summer hairstyles, ensuring you don’t miss out on key seasonal trends.

2. Booking Time in Your Day: Content Creation Blocks

Set aside dedicated blocks of time during your workday for content creation. This can involve taking photos, shooting videos, or even writing captions. Adding on 10-15 minutes onto appointments where you know the hair will be extra fabulous and perfect for content making. Your clients love knowing that you want to show off their hair.

Let’s say you’ve set aside an hour each day after your lunch break for content creation. (And yes, we are telling you to make sure you’re eating and taking breaks!) During this time, you can focus on taking high-quality photos of your clients’ stunning hair transformations or crafting engaging captions that resonate with your audience.

3. Following Accounts for Inspo: Learn from the Best

Follow other hairstylists, beauty influencers, and related accounts for inspiration. Seeing what’s trending or what works well for others can spark your creativity. All trends start somewhere, so jump on that trend honey! Follow accounts that are based on creating content and social media coaches for stylists.

Following industry leaders, beauty influencers, and hairstylists known for their creative content can provide you with fresh ideas. For instance, if you notice a particular hairstylist you admire experimenting with bold hair colors, you can take inspiration and create your own unique spin on it.

4. Using Auto Posting: Maintain Consistency with Ease

 Utilize scheduling tools or Instagram’s auto-post feature to plan your content in advance. This way, you can maintain a consistent posting schedule without the daily pressure. Tools like Canva, Meta Business Suite or Planoly are great apps and planners.

Imagine you’re on vacation, but you don’t want your Instagram presence to suffer. With auto-posting tools, you can schedule your content in advance. Your followers will continue to see your posts regularly, even when you’re taking a well-deserved break.

5. Booking Extra Time with Clients: Capture the Magic

Inform your clients about your content creation process and offer them the option to book slightly longer appointments. This allows you to capture the process and results for your content. Have “Content Only Days” that you bring in hair models or clients where they know the intention behind the appointment. This allows you to have as much time and creativity you may need to get your shots.

Suppose a client is getting a complete hair makeover. By offering them the option to book a slightly longer appointment, you can not only ensure a flawless result but also document the transformation process. These photos and videos can be shared as engaging before-and-after content.

6. Buddy System: Build Community and Diversify Content

Its time to team up! Work with fellow stylists within your salon and help each other out! Take candid photos, help take videos, share trends and inspire one another.

Collaborate with your fellow stylists to create a sense of camaraderie and capture candid shots of each other at work. Sharing these behind-the-scenes moments not only humanizes your salon but also showcases different styles and techniques.

These six tips can be your secret weapons to conquer the challenges of content creation on Instagram. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, trying to maintain a consistent posting schedule, or aiming to diversify your content, implementing these strategies will undoubtedly help you shine in the world of hairstyling on social media. Remember, a little planning and creativity go a long way in keeping your Instagram/ Facebook /TikTok followers engaged and eager for more of your fabulous hair transformations.

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