Black Friday In Salon Promotions

Black Friday In Salon Promotions

Welcome to the ultimate guide for Black Friday Salon Promotions! As a salon owner, hairstylist or beauty pro, you understand the importance of capturing the attention of your clients this shopping season. We see all the fun deals from Amazon to Best Buy, and it’s time to participate in the fun, and make some profit like the big box stores! Below, you’ll find curated lists featuring incredible Black Friday promotions for salon products, in-salon services, and unique “start the car” experiences. That’s right, the infamous IKEA commercial that will have your clients saying “start the car”!!!

Retail Product Promotions:

Bundle Bonanza: Create attractive product bundles, offering discounts for purchasing a set of complementary items, such as shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. Think BOGO, Buy 2 get one Free, Tired Discounts… have fun with it and offer the most aggressive sales of the year!

Exclusive Early Access: Provide VIP access to a new or exclusive product line for Black Friday shoppers, encouraging them to be the first to try the latest offerings. This is an exciting time to launch a new product line or item right before Christmas. Think eyelash serums, K18, a new makeup or skincare line.

Gift with Purchase: Offer a free product with a minimum purchase, enticing customers to stock up on their favourite products while receiving a special bonus.

Loyalty Rewards: Implement a points system for product purchases, allowing customers to redeem points for discounts or free products during the Black Friday promotion. People shop haircare at Sephora, not because of the brands, but because of the loyalty program!

Limited Edition Releases: Introduce limited-edition holiday-themed products or exclusive packaging to create a sense of urgency and collectible appeal. Work with your Salon Sales Reps to get the holiday packages, giftsets or promotions.

Flash Sales: Create short-term, high-discount flash sales on select products at different times throughout Black Friday, encouraging quick decision-making. These can be done through Instagram/ Facebook stories to provide shopping with a click for the clients who aren’t able to make it into the salon.

Educational Bundles: Bundle products with online tutorials or workshops, providing customers with valuable education alongside their purchases. They buy the products or the tools, they can come in for a 30 min appointment to learn how to use them! How fun!

Referral Discounts: Encourage word-of-mouth marketing by offering discounts on products for customers who refer friends or colleagues to the salon. “Give the gift of 20% off to your friend”!

Social Media Challenges: Run engaging social media challenges with the chance to win product bundles, increasing online visibility and customer engagement. First crazy hair photo, or funny story gets 25% off holiday packs or litres.

Mystery Boxes: Introduce mystery product boxes at a discounted price, allowing customers to experience a variety of products at a fraction of the regular cost. Add in cards with unique services you want to promote in your salon, or fun add on’s like a scalp massage or a complimentary deep treatment.

In-Salon Service Promotions:

Upgrade Special: Offer complimentary upgrades, such as a deep conditioning treatment or scalp massage, gloss,  with any haircut or color service pre booked on Black Friday.

Double Points Day: Designate a specific day where customers earn double loyalty points for every in-salon service, encouraging repeat visits.

Group Booking Discounts: Provide discounts for group bookings, enticing friends or family members to schedule salon appointments together.

Time-Limited Packages: Introduce exclusive Black Friday service packages with time-limited availability, combining popular treatments at a discounted rate. Think extensions, color transformations, vivid color.

Seasonal Color Packages: Create packages centered around seasonal hair color trends, offering bundled services for a fresh and fashionable look. Think Cowboy Copper or Rich Brunette Season.

Membership Perks: Promote salon memberships with special Black Friday discounts, emphasizing the long-term value of joining the salon community. This could be blow out cards, loyalty memberships, and influencer packages.

Express Services: Introduce express services designed for busy clients, providing quick and efficient treatments at a reduced price. Think 10 min root color packages, gloss and dusting, dry haircut and style.

Referral Rewards: Incentivize current clients to refer new customers by offering discounts on in-salon services for successful referrals. This can be done with a large Black Friday give away, whoever books could be entered to win a year of free hair cuts or blow outs.

VIP Treatment Day: Designate a day where clients receive VIP treatment, including complimentary refreshments, extended services, and exclusive perks for those who book on Black Friday.

Themed Salon Events: Host themed events tied to Black Friday, such as a “Pamper and Shop” evening with in-salon services and exclusive shopping opportunities. Have extended salon hours to come in a sip and shop.

Collaboration Promotions:

Fashion Boutiques Collaboration: Partner with local fashion boutiques to create exclusive Black Friday packages that combine salon services with trendy clothing items, providing customers with a head-to-toe makeover experience.

Café or Restaurant Bundles: Collaborate with nearby cafes or restaurants to offer packages that include a salon service followed by a meal or beverage, giving customers a delightful day out and a full pampering experience.

Fitness Studio Packages: Team up with fitness studios for wellness-focused Black Friday deals, offering combined packages of salon services and fitness classes or personal training sessions to promote overall well-being.

Local Spa Joint Promotions: Partner with a local spa to create spa and salon day packages, allowing customers to indulge in a day of relaxation with a combination of spa treatments and salon services at a discounted rate.

Photography Studio Experiences: Collaborate with photography studios to offer Black Friday packages that include a salon makeover followed by a professional photoshoot, providing clients with stunning images to commemorate their new looks. Perfect in time for the holidays!

Artisanal Beauty Product Bundles: Join forces with local artisans or beauty product makers to create exclusive product bundles, combining salon services with handcrafted beauty products for a unique and luxurious offering. Retail their products in store too until Christmas season is done.

Yoga or Meditation Center Tie-ins: Partner with a local yoga or meditation center to develop packages that include a salon service followed by a relaxing yoga or meditation session, promoting holistic well-being.

Local Jewelry Stores Collaboration: Collaborate with jewelry stores to create glamorous Black Friday packages, combining salon services with exclusive discounts on jewelry, allowing customers to enhance their style with complementary accessories!

Entertainment Venue Alliances: Join forces with entertainment venues like theaters or cinemas to offer packages that include a salon service followed by tickets to a show or movie, creating a complete evening of entertainment.

Local Charity Partnerships: Partner with local charities to create Black Friday promotions where a percentage of salon proceeds go towards a charitable cause, encouraging clients to contribute to the community while enjoying salon services.

We had SO much fun creating these ideas for you, and we hope you found the right idea, or ideas for your salons or beauty business! We’d love to see what you come up with and make your own, be sure to tag us so we can follow along! @ditebeauty

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