“Help! Why can’t I find any stylists?”

“Help! Why can’t I find any stylists?”

How to hire for your Salon in 2022

‘Where are all the good stylists?”
“Does no one want to work anymore?”
“Where are all the graduates going?”
“I have gotten a resume in years, what’s going on?”

These might be some of the questions you’ve been asking yourself. That’s why we created Dítē. To connect business owners like you with amazing stylists. But that’s just the first step. Far too often you may think you are interviewing for a stylist position, but in reality – they may be interviewing you!

There are arguably hundreds of factors as to “why you can’t find staff”. It may be time to have a look from the outside, with a different perspective and ask yourself, “would I want to work here?

Who are you?

Clearly defining and knowing your businesses core values and mission statement is of the utmost importance. If you already have salon core values and a mission statement, however, haven’t revised in the last decade, we highly suggest you do so. Knowing and marketing your values is a MUST. These fundamentals will attract like-minded professionals and create a flow within your work environment. Showcasing your values by teaming up with organizations will strengthen your commitment to your mission, such as Green Circle Salon, a Dress Code Project Salon or a Summit Salon.

Are you offering Benefits?

Stylists are looking for benefits and healthcare plans. Stylists are leaving this industry to find jobs with benefits and healthcare plans. It is time to connect with an agent and see how you can fulfill this requirement for the new generation of stylists.

Are you operating on Fixed Schedules?

Flexibility, another requirement for this new generation of stylists. The freedom to have a schedule with some flexibility is what thousands of graduates are asking for. Regardless of their reason, this is a making or breaking point for so many. A majority of suite renters left commission-based jobs just to have control on their own schedules. Think outside the box, not everyone wants to work 10am-6pm, not everyone wants to work Saturdays, not everyone is a morning person. Be open, be adaptable. You could be saying no to a $100k a year stylist because you told her she had to start at 9am not 11am.

Are you Paying Fair?

Commission, salary, hourly. There is no right answer, every salon is different, every area is different. Do your research! Find out what local salons are doing. Know your numbers, know what you can afford to fairly pay. People want to be compensated for their worth and will so often leave for an increase in pay, even a slight increase at that.

How is your Salon Culture?

Toxicity, gossip, cliques, drama – no thank you! Take a look, what’s your culture like? Been thinking about letting go of that bad egg, now’s the time! When was your last staff meeting? Are you all part of the “Team”? How are you building a culture to fit your values and brand. Hosting team huddles, not ‘meetings” where the tone is positive and full of brainstorming and bonding. Take the time to do one on ones with each staff, and truly listen and learn on what’s happening in your salon. Take the time to commit to team strengthening through activities, seminars and education.

Is it time for a Salon revamp?

Way the salon looks, from the curbside to the inside, it all matters. This is the Beauty Industry after all! Most stylists want to work in beautiful “Pinterest” inspired salons, where going into work everyday sparks inspiration and joy. Maybe it’s time to dust off those old shelfs and have a little salon makeover, not only will you be attracting more applications, a new group of clients as well!

Education, what are you offering?

Offering ongoing professional development is crucial in this industry. As new trends, products and procedures emerge quicker than we can keep up! Having a handle on education in the salon will ensure quality candidates. Offer incentives for those stylists who do take education, use your brand rewards for in salon education and always stay in the know with distributor offerings.

How is your Social Presence?

Potential employees are looking at your socials, or lack thereof. No social media platforms, or your last post 1 year ago? Time for a social media rebrand and refresh! Your business needs a strong social media presence, on different platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok or Facebook. Don’t think you have the time to do social – hire a social media manager. While browsing for workplaces to apply, your business might not even be searchable on certain platforms… and that goes for clients too.

Community Reach

Helping Homeless, Women’s Shelters, Humane Society. What are you doing in your community? Are you taking part in local events, are you donating time or product to community initiatives? Hosting events? Try Mother’s Day Specials, Blow out Classes, Dads Learn to Braid Night, the possibilities are endless. Papers and Radio Shows are dying for content – let them have it!

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