Relaxation for Hairstylist and Salon Owners

Relaxation for Hairstylist and Salon Owners

RESTORATION: An undervalued tool in the
beauty industry business.

It is so easy after a busy day to fall onto the couch and ‘relax’ by scrolling or popping on some Netflix and lets be real, we DO deserve that after working so hard to keep our beauty biz successful and our guests happy. But what if I were to share with you that ‘relaxation’ is not the same thing as ‘restoration’ and that after a full day of a busy and overworked body and mind what we really need is a restorative experience so we can prepare to show up fully every day after.

What is the difference and how can I do both? 

Well, relaxation isn’t always relaxing. We might be stopping the movement of the body or mind but built up stress has nowhere to go. It doesn’t magically dissolve. In fact, it can build up and affect our physical and mental health and can even impact and affect our heart, our spirit or however you relate to feeling joy and purpose in your life and work. Restoration helps move stress in supportive, intentional and meaningful ways so the body can naturally enter into a TRUE state of relaxation.

Instead of collapsing, which can actually become a harmful stress response, we can carve out time, even if just a little to connect with ourselves. Even just 5 or 10 minutes after work can be beneficial but longer if possible. Taking time to be somewhere quiet where you can return back to yourself energetically, even if it is in stillness, laying down or resting. Listening into the body, noticing feeling, sensation and information about how we are doing physically, energetically, emotionally… we can then respond with something that might support us better than an uncomfortable position on the couch or a kinked neck from looking down at our phones.

Try adding a few of these tools into your after work routine and see how it changes how you show up day after day for yourself, your guests and the long lasting career you hope to have as a beauty professional.

-Go for a walk in nature post shift on your way home or during a break.

-Lay on a clean floor and put your legs up the wall for 5-10 minutes after a shift.

-Get off the couch when relaxing in the evening. Move to the floor and watch your fav binge show or movie while you do some simple stretches or yin yoga on the floor

-Listen to some great music before you settle down to rest the body and move any stress you feel by dancing, shaking, bouncing or moving the body in any way that feels good.

-Offer yourself a foot soak and a cold or warm bag on your shoulders and neck while you relax.

There are many other ways to offer yourself restorative time. Think of restoration as a tool you can use to care for yourself just as well as you care for your guests. Your livelihood and the sustainability of your career depends on it! 

Check out our next Beauty in Wellness event and join us as we practice restoring together. Virtual and in person events are offered all year! Our next event is An Evening Virtual Retreat June 25 from 6-9 pm MST and is a fundraiser for the Mirror Lounge Collective; The Mirror Lounge Collective is a national, nonprofit organization committed to championing a professional beauty industry that represents everyone by utilizing education, inspiration, and events to foster safe spaces [or “lounges”] through the lens of inclusion, equity, and wellness. Register here by visiting

Written with joy by Rebecca Hung,
Founder of Rawholistic Health & Wellness Services and
The Multidimensional Stylist™️.

Rebecca is an award winning hairstylist with over 20 years of experience behind the chair. She spends most of her time now teaching and coaching individuals and groups to better manage stress and care for themselves through private sessions and bespoke wellness education and is a familiar face at beauty industry events. She has founded Beauty in Wellness Retreats; ongoing events designed to hold space for beauty professionals to deep dive into wellness in community with each other. Rebecca also teaches Mental Health First Aid, an impactful course designed to help anyone learn to support themselves or others with declining mental health or substance use problems. As a wellness consultant she also helps beauty based businesses create healthier and more sustainably well cultures and organizations. Learn more about upcoming classes or connect with Rebecca to book a private one on one or group session here

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