Does your salon need an Esthetican?

Does your salon need an Esthetican?

Is adding another service provider worth it in your salon?

If you’re running a salon with just hairstylists, you might be wondering if hiring an esthetician is worth the investment. Consider the following points and break downs of the potential benefits or disadvantages.


Offer Additional Services:

Estheticians specialize in skincare, which means they can provide a range of services that your other staff members cannot. From facials and chemical peels to microdermabrasion and waxing, an esthetician can offer a wide variety of services that can attract clients looking for specialized skincare treatments.

Increase Revenue:

By offering additional services through an esthetician, your salon can increase revenue. Skincare services can be expensive, which means they can generate more revenue per appointment compared to hair or nail services. Additionally, esthetician services can often be combined with other services, such as a haircut and facial package, which can further increase revenue.


Hiring an esthetician can also be convenient for your clients. Many clients prefer to have all of their beauty services done in one location, rather than having to go to multiple places for different treatments. By having an esthetician on staff, your salon can offer a one-stop-shop for all of your clients’ beauty needs.

Cross-selling Opportunities:

Having an esthetician in your salon can also lead to cross-selling opportunities. Esthetician clients may be interested in other services your salon offers, such as haircuts or nail services. Similarly, clients who come in for hair or nail services may be interested in trying out skincare services offered by your esthetician.

Client Retention:

Having an esthetician on staff can help with client retention. Clients who receive regular skincare treatments are more likely to become repeat customers, especially if they see visible improvements in their skin. Additionally, by offering specialized skincare services, your salon can differentiate itself from competitors and build a loyal client base.


Limited Space and Improper Room: 

If your salon lacks adequate space or a suitable room for esthetician services, it could lead to a compromised customer experience and discomfort for both clients and the esthetician.

Marketing Challenges: 

Without proper marketing efforts, the esthetician might struggle to attract clients, especially if there isn’t dedicated time or resources allocated to promote their services. This could impact their ability to build a steady client base.

Resource Constraints:

 Insufficient funds or space to onboard skincare products and retail items associated with esthetics could limit the range of services the esthetician can offer. Clients may expect a variety of skincare products to be available for purchase.

Inconsistent Client Flow: 

If the salon is unable to provide a steady stream of clients for the esthetician, it could result in inconsistent income and job satisfaction, making it challenging to retain skilled professionals.

Lack of Specialized Equipment:

Estheticians often require specialized equipment for various treatments. If the salon doesn’t have access to these tools, it might limit the range of services the esthetician can provide, affecting their competitiveness.

Competing Priorities: 

In a salon environment without a dedicated esthetician, other staff and services might take precedence, potentially leading to the neglect of esthetician services and skills.

Limited Skill Development: 

Estheticians thrive when they have opportunities to learn and grow. In a salon without the necessary resources, estheticians might not have access to ongoing training and skill development, hindering their professional growth.

Hiring an esthetician can be wise investment for any salon, as long as the salon has everything in place to be able to support that professional. By offering additional services, increasing revenue, providing convenience, offering cross-selling opportunities, and improving client retention, an esthetician can bring many benefits to your business. Whether you’re just starting or looking to grow, adding an esthetician to your staff is a smart move that can help take your salon to the next level.

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