Need Juicy Marketing Content in a Hurry?

Need Juicy Marketing Content in a Hurry?

Try these tips to get you out of a jam!

By Tazeem Jamal Spa Biz Coach

Does creating content constantly feel like you are dragging your feet through the mud? Yes I get it, consistently doing this can be tough!
Time is something we do NOT have an abundance of, so here are some great tricks to help you:

Repurpose old content…

Take an older article, FB/IG post, Email article & REPURPOSE it by following these simple steps! Now you cannot do this all the time, but ca work when we are needing to NOT start from scratch!

I often tell my Coaching clients that they need to start, planting seeds NOW, to share what recommendations you have for your clients for the Fall often in the fall in the winter months, we really do a lot more what I call clinical types of treatments. So different types of peels, different types of you know, extensive treatments like a lot more micro needling PRP if you do those different types of laser treatments. are much better done in the cooler weather.

In a nutshell here is what you do:

Take content that you already have, say from last Summer!

The first thing is, go back about a year from now, in your business profile, if you’ve been in business for that long, look at what you posted in July of last year, or if you’ve been in business a few years, what did you post in July two years ago?

Take that content, edit, or update some of it, rearrange the sentence formation & change the title! Then before you repost it, use a different image! Viola!

The reason you never want to simply cut & paste the exact article, is that the Facebook algorithm can always tell when you repost the same thing again, so it doesn’t show up as a post that will give you organic reach. You really want to make sure that every post that you share has a strong organic reach and that will only happen if the post is considered new.

Facebook Lives!

This is so overlooked by so many Spas, so if you do FB LIVES, it will give you a serious advantage! If you have worked with me in any capacity or are in my Free FB group (Would love to invite you to join us there, Spa Marketing Forum) you will know that.

I am about passionate about Facebook Lives.

I know most of you will cringe at the idea of this, but truly its worth learning, doing more of & mastering!

For those of you that are shy or simply freaked out by being on camera, there are so many things you can do a FB Live about. *Show off your space, do a mini tour Facebook Live about your space

*Could you do a quick Facebook live so people can see the setup?

*Could you give them peace of mind as you’re coming back through this crazy time that you are taking every precaution for their safety in your business?

*Do a Facebook Live about your current feature product.

* Do a demo of a treatment or show of a specialty device or machine & share your knowledge & what its for & the results they can expect from it!

WHY are they so much better than just a static post?

FB is giving way more visibility to videos but even more for FB LIVES. This is give you more organic reach & levels up your algorithm & then posts you share after a FB live will get you more reach too!

The Lives do not need to long (3-5 mins is perfect!) You can just do a quick Facebook Live, say hello and turn the camera around & focus on the products or your treatment room. Remember to always introduce yourself & mention your Spas name & the city you are in.

Are you using stories?

Stories ROCK! The are also available on your FB business pages, did you know that?
Some people think they are only for personal use, but we have them for our BUSINESS pages too!

If you do, put hashtags in your stories Yes, be sure to use them!

I hope this gave you some simple ideas to implement your content!

Remember consistency is key! If you show up for your audience & they get to see you on camera or hear or read your name again & again, then you will create what I call the KLT Factor!

This KLT is the Know Like & Trust factor!

They get to know you when you post consistently, they come to like you, which then leads to TRUST & Bookings!!

What was your biggest takeaway? Which will you implement? Be sure to let me know!

If you need ongoing support & would love to take the stress of content off your plate, let me do the heaving lifting

I would love to invite you to check out my membership Spa Marketing L.A.B, where its all DONE for you & delivered to you monthly inside a private group!

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